The Chamber's internationalisation services include the following: the issuing and authorisation of foreign trade documents, the provision of internationalisation trainings and conferences, and the operation of the internationalisation committee and the Chamber of Commerce Lounge.

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We believe that the network makes its members stronger and wiser. Representatives of Central Finnish companies can actively and interactively influence economic policy and, together with us, can help to develop growth in the province.

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Advocacy and Committees

Advocacy work by the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce is carried out in line with the annual advocacy plan and any decisions made by the committees.


The Central Finland Chamber of Commerce coordinates the corporate networks for the Kasvu Open, and is also responsible for many other corporate network coordination, as well as other regional development instruments.

Foreign trade documents

The Chamber certifies and issues foreign trade documents.


The Central Finland Chamber of Commerce organises approximately 20 trainings annually, on topics including the economy, management, marketing, communications, sales and internationalisation.


At free events organised by the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce, member company representatives can expand their networks of contacts and discuss topical issues of relevance to the province.

Publications and reporting

The Chamber of Commerce informs its members about business news matters through various channels, including magazines, newsletters, web pages and social media.

Legal and tax advice

Members of the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce can take advantage of free-of-charge advice on legal and economic issues.

Industry, commerce and internationalisation

The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for ensuring that there are good internationalisation opportunities available for regional companies.