The Chamber of Commerce Lounge

The Chamber of Commerce offers a unique network of businesses for finding services, experts, answers to questions and information about current issues related to internationalization for companies in foreign trade. The network allows you get to know the warhorses of ​​internationalization and introduce yourself to other companies with the experience and networks to take advantage of.
The Chamber of Commerce Lounge network activity consists of several different services that you pick the most suited for you.

Lounge dates:

These comprise business dates and company visits – opportunities for the sharing of knowledge and networking, as well as finding the right experts. Keynote speakers from our international network also often attend the Lounge dates.

Lounge trainings:

The Chamber runs a number of training sessions during the year under the leadership of top-notch experts. The training sessions also include local business case studies.

Lounge chat:

A Facebook group for members of the Chamber of Commerce Lounge, in which members can share their own experiences, ask and answer questions, and find contacts and assistance. Members of the growth and internationalisation committees are actively involved in commenting and answering questions.

Lounge wiki:

This is a database that forms part of the Chamber of Commerce website. It includes relevant information on internationalisation, business services and finance.

Lounge assistance:

The Chamber of Commerce export documents and advice service is open daily (Mon-Fri) between 8.00 and 16.00 for members of the Lounge.


Service Manager Pia Naukkarinen
+358 50 555 9915