Central Finland Chamber of Commerce: The network is a strength

We believe that the network makes its members stronger and wiser. Our members supply the wisdom and we share it in order to secure the vitality of the enterprises in our region. Representatives of Central Finnish companies can actively and interactively influence economic policy and, together with us, can help to develop growth in the province. We are happy to share our know-how and hope to help companies cooperate more closely. The Chamber of Commerce is part of an international network and it is an honour for us to ensure that our companies in the region are known all around the world. In many countries, membership of the Chamber of Commerce is a sign of reliability!

​Why should you be a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

The vitality of our region's companies

We look after the operating environment for the region’s companies and ensure the competitiveness of the region in order to support the vitality of our businesses. Every year, the Chamber of Commerce is involved in various projects to develop businesses and the competitiveness and viability of the region, both as part of business cycles in the European area and through studies regarding taxation.

As a member you will receive an electronic, timely and concise bulletin on business issues seven times a year, as well as the Chamber of Commerce magazine, published four times a year. We maintain a knowledge bank to help you find the services and the people you need, for example, for help with finance, globalisation or the development of business skills.

We share news about our member companies through various channels, including our blog, news releases and social media.
We collect and share information and knowledge across the network!


The Chamber of Commerce’s events and trainings always offer great opportunities for networking.
At such events you will be able to expand your network of contacts, as well as meeting other entrepreneurs and business managers from various industries.

Members can influence the operational environment for their companies through our Committees.
We will help you to find the right partners and services!

Transport connections are a core area of our lobbying efforts, and although much has already been achieved, there is still a lot of work to be done.
Membership is for the company and the fee covers your all personnel, thus anyone and everyone is welcome to come and create new connections!
You will have access to a Chamber of Commerce member banner, which visibly links your company to our innovative, forward-looking and reliable network.


The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for ensuring that there are good opportunities for internationalisation for the companies in the region. We strengthen the internationality of our region through training opportunities, as well as by bringing together international experts and those who aim to trade internationally. You will receive support for internationalisation from our partner networks, both locally and nationwide. We can help you to find the right professionals to assist you. The global network of the Chambers of Commerce aims to secure safe international trade.

Among other things, our international services include access to foreign trade documents. As a member, you'll be able to purchase an ATA Carnet, the customs document, for half price. We can also provide other documents necessary for export, such as certificates of origin and other special certificates, in a fast and reliable manner. We offer free telephone advice for our members on matters concerning foreign trade document requirements.


Through the continual development of our knowledge, we can ensure the future competitiveness of the region and its enterprises.
Research shows that we organise the best economic, management, marketing, communication, sales and internationalisation trainings, which our members can attend for a discounted price.

In addition, we keep our members' skill sets topped up by providing topical information on business news and changes, such as law and tax reforms.
As a member you can receive free advice on issues relating to legal and economic issues. Experts on taxation, work contracts and contract issues are available for phone consultations.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce you will have access to many other services at a discounted member rate. The Chamber of Commerce Tieto is a continually updated database/knowledge base where you can access details of various changes in legislation and up-to-date government instructions with ease. In addition, every year books on financial and human resources management, management and law are published and members can receive a discount on these of 25% on average.