A commercial airport is the lifeblood of a growth center

The Jyväskylä Airport is home to both commercial operations and ones conducted by the Finnish Air Force. Without a commercial airport, the risk of dropping off the map is too big to take.

The Jyväskylä Airport has experienced passenger losses in recent years, mostly when it comes to the number of local travelers. For international connections, however, it is still a major route from Central Finland to the world.

Esa Kainulainen, Manager of Finavia's Jyväskylä Airport, says that even though airlines have cut the number of flights from the peak years' eight down to three per day, the local business life would be in trouble without them.

– The airport is vital for universities and organizers of various congresses. Without it, the operations would be moved somewhere else. There have been no delays, and when the passenger flows are low, the security check and check-in can be done in half an hour. It takes about a total of 75 minutes to get to the Helsinki Airport.

Although transport connections on land have improved thanks to the competition between different bus companies and the improvements made to the Finnish national road 4, the significance of the Jyväskylä Airport cannot be denied. Kainulainen points out that in addition to business travelers, the airport is also serves the needs of people flying inside Europe excellently.

– The morning plane leaves at 5:55 a.m., which means that people are usually at their destination already around noon. Parking in Jyväskylä is inexpensive, and thanks to the new pricing model, the connecting flight to Jyväskylä costs next to nothing. The market determines the prices, so we have to do our business according to it, too.

In addition to passenger traffic, the Finnish Air Force has used the Jyväskylä Airport as the only base of operations for the Air Force Academy since the Air Force ceased its operations in Kauhava.

– The Jyväskylä Airport plays a key role in the growth of Central Finland, as shown by a study conducted a few years ago. A commercial airport is an integral part of a growth center, and that is a fact.

Jyväskylä Airport
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Slogan: “Without a commercial airport, there is no growth center”