A transport company's business never stops

Silvasti’s name has been known since 1971, when Jouni Silvasti founded a company that focused on special transportation. Jouni’s son Ville started his career in special transport under his own name in 2002. Thanks to internationalization, the company's turnover is now around 20 million euros. The company is now expecting growth especially in the field of renewable energy.

The journey of Transport Company Ville Silvasti Ltd started after the acquisition of an Ostrobothnian transport company. At first, Silvasti focused on the transportation of heavy equipment, such as rock crushers, in Finland. The company soon found international paths to follow, and now more than 80% of Silvasti's customers are from abroad. In recent years, Silvasti has specialized in the transportation of wind turbines in the Nordic countries.

– The transportation of wind turbines is a special field of its own. The components are large and sensitive, which poses challenges for the transportation. A windmill's wings can be 70 meters long, for example, and very special equipment is needed for their transportation, Silvasti explains.

Each special transport is unique: the cargo is often very expensive, and the projects have tight schedules. Various government regulations need to be investigated, and planning the routes is always a lot of work.

– Our company's operations could be described as being very long-term. The challenges we faced in 2017 included new terrain and entering a new market in Norway, as we transported 50 windmills from the port
to the top of a mountain.

The transportation of wind turbines has not caused the company to cut down its operations in other traditional sectors, however. For example, Ville's father's transport company has been transporting cargo from the Valmet paper machine plant since the 1980s, and most of the paper machines in Europe are transported by Silvasti.

– Having companies from new fields as customers shows that we are always up-to- date on the latest trends and developments. In order to succeed, we have to be ready to expand our operational environment.

According to Silvasti, planning for the future has become more and more difficult, but the construction of renewable energy production facilities is expected to generate growth all over Europe. The company's
headquarters will still remain in Central Finland, however.

– Most of our key people are here. Although we also have employees in the other Nordic countries, we have learned to value the Central Finnish know-how.

Transport Company Ville Silvasti Ltd
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Established: 2002
“Market leader in Northern Europe that transports heavy and big cargo safely and securely”