A word about the philosophy of growth

The Central Finland region has grown and developed at an amazing pace over the years. There is a positive atmosphere in the Jyväskylä area and the entire region at the moment, and although there are challenges to be found across the region, each area also has its own strengths.

There is no single top industry in Central Finland, as the business field of the region consists of many actors in various sectors. This should not be seen as a weakness – on the contrary. We Central Finnish people should be proud of our extremely broad and diverse know-how!

In this 100-year anniversary jubilee book, called Region of Growth, we want to highlight the stories of notable operators in Central Finland and celebrate the success of the region. The stories of companies, educational institutions and municipal actors intertwine and provide the reader with a fantastic overview of the active network operating in Central Finland.

High-level information technology expertise, long-standing agricultural and forestry business, ever-expanding tourism and traditional metal companies can all be found in Central Finland. Bioeconomy-related themes are highly visible and very relevant at the moment. The Kangas area, Central Finland's new hospital project and urban construction have also contributed to the revival of the construction industry, and new construction companies have made Central Finland their home.

With the downturn of the economy, there has been talk of declining industries. We can forget all that talk now. Big, long-established industries have stayed afloat during the recession, succeeced well and developed themselves. New businesses and customer segments have emerged alongside the older industries. We should not be content to just rest on our laurels because of this positive development, however, as companies and other actors in the region must be able to renew themselves and grow all the time.

Growth does not always happen through the growth of net sales or the number of staff, however – a company's growth also means mental growth and growth in expertise. When it comes to Central Finland's growth, know-how plays a large role and is a major theme throughout the book you are now holding.

Ari Hiltunen
CEO of Central Finland Chamber of Commerce

Ari Hiltunen, M.Sc. (Econ.), will start his duties as CEO of the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce on the 1st of November 2017. Hiltunen has accumulated solid experience in business leadership by working as Managing Director of the Jyväskylä Region Development Company. Hiltunen is well-networked both regionally and locally, and he has been actively involved in the Chamber of Commerce's operations. Hiltunen has also been a member of Kasvu Open Oy's Board of Directors.

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