Back to the nature​​​​​​​

Naava is a company specialized in the natural purification of indoor air. The company enhances the nature’s own mechanisms with the use of technology. Naava’s goal is to create a natural habitat for people indoors. The company was born amidst the beautiful scenery of Central Finland, and it has spread its roots around the world with the help of crowdfunding, for example.

Central Finland is full of beautiful lakes and forests, the nature is close by and the air outside is fresh and clean. The situation may be completely different in offices, however, and working in a room with stuffy or dry air caused by the ventilation system is not always so pleasant. Studies show that poor indoor air quality may even reduce work efficiency.

Plants purify the air by breaking up contaminants into nourishment within their root system. Putting a plant in a traditional flowerpot filled with soil in the corner of a room is not a very effective way to purify the air. By cultivating carefully selected plants in a soil-free growing medium, the indoor air is circulated through the root system by means of a vacuum, and then circulated back into the space through a fan system. Together with artificial intelligence, the air circulation system optimizes the growth conditions of the plants, enhancing the purification process. The result is a smart Naava green wall. Naava purifies the indoor air efficiently and, what is most important, naturally.

Naava has been making breathing easier in offices and public spaces since 2011. Niko Järvinen and Aki Soudunsaari met in a lecture hall at the University of Jyväskylä and decided to combine their talent and know-how. The duo built a pilot model of a smart green wall to combat impurities. Solving problems together with the customers accelerated the product development. Today, the Naava smart green walls do not just purify the air, but they are also stylish decorative elements that create a pleasant environment to work and spend time in.

Little by little, smart green walls are becoming more common also in private homes and around the world. The demand is constantly growing in the USA, and the compass is also pointing towards Asia. A constantly growing knowledge base in the form of various studies, field trials and opinion polls helps to dispel prejudices around smart green walls and natural air purification. The indoor air becomes more and more pleasant to breathe one Naava smart green wall at a time.

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Established: 2011
Field: Health technology
“Easier breathing, more efficient working”