Changing the world through leadership​​​​​​​

A humble but ambitious attitude is the key in business life. Nordic Business Forum, which has its roots in Jyväskylä, has been growing steadily for ten years, and the event is already pursuing the title of the world's leading business life conference.

Nordic Business Forum is a conference focusing on business life themes, one that believes in quality, inspirational guest speakers and networking. Persistent work has brought speakers like the former US Vice President and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore and British billionaire Sir Richard Branson to Finland. An inspiring and immediate atmosphere offers participants the opportunity to network in many ways.

– In addition to the annual conference, we have also organized entrepreneurship training for young people for several years, says Jyri Lindén, one of the two founding members of the company.

The shared entrepreneurial dreams of the company's founders, Jyri Lindén and Hans-Peter Siefen, originally took off when the duo started organizing business training in 2009. The road to success has been eventful, but fearless self-confidence has encouraged the entrepreneurs to always move forward.

– We have been motivated by responsible business activity since the beginning, and the whole idea behind Nordic Business Forum is built around it.

After facing the realities of growth and the desire for internationalization a few years ago, the event was moved from the Paviljonki in Jyväskylä to the Messukeskus convention centre in Helsinki. In a little under 10 years, the number of participants in the event has increased from less than 100 to about 7,500. The cooperation has also been extended to other Nordic countries.
The conference shares Nordic values for the development of business life in Finland and around the world. Instead of political decision-making, the Nordic Business Forum trusts, above all, in the fact that the world can be made a better place through good leadership.

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Established: 2008
Field: Business life
“Building leaders who change the world”