Domestic bioenergy from Finnish nature

Finland's forests provide raw materials for vital heat and power generation. Vapo is a
bioenergy company that values Finnish nature by generating energy from domestic wood and peat, especially for the needs of the industry, municipalities and energy companies.

Vapo's reliability as Finland's most important timber supplier extends to the 1940s: When Finland fought for its independence in the Winter and Continuation Wars, Vapo guaranteed the state's security of supply. In the 1960s, the sawmill industry reared its head, and the profitable peat energy production started in 1975. Vapo's headquarters was also moved from Helsinki to Jyväskylä the same year, and it is still located there.

Vapo was a wholly state-owned company until the start of the 2000s, but as the state's role as an owner has gradually become smaller, the company has transformed into a versatile expert in the commercial energy business. In addition to wood fuels and pellets, Vapo also uses peat as one of its key raw materials and sources of energy.

– In recent years, the processing of peat has taken huge leaps in development, and we are now looking into new opportunities for development with the University of Jyväskylä, for example. Peat fiber can be used to produce insulators, acoustic panels and composites, among other things, says Ahti Martikainen, Director of Vapo's Public Affairs.

Vapo can provide even better services for the needs of present-day customers thanks to the electronic district heating portal and the online pellet store, which make doing business with Vapo easier than ever before. Thanks to the digitalization and automation of industry, power plants can be controlled centrally and remotely.

– As an expert organization in the energy sector, we are actively looking for new ways to develop our business, Martikainen stresses.

Responsibility is evident in everything that Vapo does: the company respects nature because it is at the heart of all operations. The company favors domestic and self-sufficient energy production and therefore wants to do its part for the nature by being environmentally responsible. Vapo is the leading supplier of bioenergy in Finland and the driving force behind the peat industry.

Vapo Oy
+358 20 790 4000

Established: 1940
Field: Energy production
“A pioneer in responsible and domestic bioenergy”