HB-Betoniteollisuus builds growth by investing in the future

HB-Betoniteollisuus' products can be seen all around the Central Finnish townscape, both in the yards of private houses and in large infrastructure projects, such as at the construction site of the new central hospital.​​​​​​​

HB-Betoniteollisuus is one of the most established companies in Central Finland's business life. Its roots date back to the 1960s, when Master Builder Armas Harju, grandfather of Virpi Nieminen, the current Managing Director, founded Harjun Betoni Oy. The operations had already started in the previous decade in Keljo, however.

Nieminen says that HB-Betoniteollisuus is a company with a strong Central Finnish identity and has 100% domestic ownership. HB-Betoniteollisuus can still be considered more or less as a family business, even though some of the minority owners are from outside the original family of owners. Nieminen does not agree with all the values of a traditional family business, however.

– The market economy is not so merciful anymore for traditional family businesses. I would say that we are a family business with a modern touch based on sensible economy.

Throughout its long history, HB-Betoniteollisuus has experienced practically all the social and economic shifts of Finland in its present form. The company is going through a period of change even now.

HB Betoniteollisuus survived the financial crisis of 2008 by making investments in future profits, for example. Nieminen describes 2017 as a crucial year, and he is expecting the budding moderate growth to significantly pick up in the following year.

– Some companies may have high-yield, but also high-risk strategies. Our strategy is to secure both people's jobs and the company's operations with the right level of profitability.

Nieminen feels strongly that HB-Betoniteollisuus plays a major part in Central Finland's position as a region of growth. The company employs directly over a hundred people and fifty subcontractors, and its indirect employment impact is significant. Nieminen particularly commends the long-term subcontractor and employee relationships, the longest of which have already been passed down from father to son.

​​​​​​​– Without our excellent and loyal subcontractor network and employees, the whole company would not exist.

HB-Betoniteollisuus Oy
+358 20 788 1800
Email: firstname.lastname@hb-betoni.fi
Established: 1963
Field: Producer of concrete products

“High-quality concrete products made in Finland”