Healthy living in a Honkarakenne log house

Honkarakenne Oyj manufactures high-quality, ecological and healthy detached homes,
holiday houses and public buildings from Finnish solid wood. Established in 1958, the company has delivered nearly 85,000 buildings to more than 50 countries.

The company was founded by the five Saarelainen brothers, and it has always stayed at the forefront of development, renewing and improving both its production technology and the design of log houses. The production has been centralized in the backwoods of Karstula in Central Finland, where the Honkarakenne factory has been operating since 1971.

The sawmill line turns Central Finnish wood into logs that are used in summer houses, detached homes and public buildings. The popularity of logs as a building material for residential buildings has been on the rise for several years, and the breathing log structure has also recently become popular in nursing homes, schools and kindergartens.

Honkarakenne is leading the way for healthy building by providing solutions to the constantly increasing number of indoor air and mold problems. The Healthy House concept, certified by VTT and carried out in co-operation with the Allergy and Asthma Federation, was launched in 2014.

Honkarakenne is now bringing this know-how also to the public construction sector by manufacturing 34 log kindergartens across Finland by the end of 2020. The world's largest manufacturer of log houses focuses on quality and sustainable solutions. The company's decades-long experience in log building together with the latest innovations in the field takes Honkarakenne forward on the road to growth.

Honkarakenne's log houses have been shown to be beneficial to health, and people can really enjoy themselves and live healthily in a Honkarakenne log house.

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Established: 1958
Field: Manufacturer of log houses
“A pioneer in healthy and ecological construction”