Hearing protection from Central Finland

Silenta Group Oy specializes in the manufacture of hearing protectors and other hearing protection and communication solutions vital for occupational safety. The protectors are designed for demanding professional use and are the result of long-term development: Silenta, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hearing protectors, has been in the business since 1962.

The hearing protectors were originally manufactured in Mäntyharju, in Eastern Finland, but the production was transferred to Central Finland, to Vihtavuori, Laukaa, in 1984. At the start of the 80s, the company had already sold a million pairs of hearing protectors in Finland and four million worldwide. Silenta's production plant has been located in Jyväskylä since 1996.

The company had strong export trade early on to Europe and all the way to South Africa and New Zealand. Backed by a broad customer base, Silenta focused its resources on product development, which acts the cornerstone of the company's operations even today. The company has regularly introduced models that make use of the latest technology.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, many accessories can be attached to the hearing protectors, making them an essential tool in many professions in addition to protecting the workers' hearing. The mining industry in particular, famous for its challenging working conditions, relies on Silenta's protectors. The hearing protectors are integrated into the miner's helmets, enabling smooth communications even under the ground in dusty and humid conditions.

No sense is useless, so you should take care in protecting them. People's hearing has been found to deteriorate very easily, and Silenta is cooperating with the authorities and universities on the subject.

The continuous development work conducted at the Jyväskylä production facility, the aim of which is to come up with new ways to protect people's hearing, makes Silenta a major actor in the occupational safety sector.

Silenta Group Oy
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Established: 1962
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