Jämsä has its Eyes on the Future

Jämsek Oy is the development company of the town of Jämsä that engages locally in development, networking and advocacy to promote the prerequisites of success for companies in Jämsä. The business and relocation services help companies find suitable premises, assist in sourcing personnel and search for suitable partners. Various corporate events are organized annually to support growth, development and local vitality.

In recent years, industrial enterprises in Jämsä have increased their property and equipment acquisitions. Companies in the service sector have also improved and developed their supply. More than 70 new companies are established in Jämsä each year and the net increase of companies has been positive for quite some time.

Logistically, Jämsä is the most important junction of the southern Central Finland. The intersection of the Finnish national roads 9 and 24 is a commercially significant stop for passing traffic. The railways are busy due to both transports from the paper mills and passenger traffic. The top-priority projects in Jämsä include the spa at Himos and the Data Center Park planned in the village of Halli. The business park Myllymäki II, with a completed road network and municipal engineering, has been reserved for new industrial launches.

The commuter belt around Jämsä is about an hour’s drive away, and it is home to half a million people. In addition to the central location of Jämsä, the level of costs is also low, attracting companies to relocate to the region.

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