Laukaa's appeal lies in its location and humane urban policy

When making decisions, the municipality of Laukaa pays attention to its residents' wishes and opinions. In Laukaa, people listen to their minds as well as their hearts in decision-making.

Many municipalities are struggling with migration loss and low birth rates, but Laukaa is an exception: the municipality's population grows by about 150 people every year.

According to Statistics Finland, the birth rate in Laukaa is much higher than mortality, year after year. In recent years, Laukaa's net migration has also often been positive. Enjoying sustainable growth is rare for municipalities the size of Laukaa.

– Being and remaining a growing municipality is a result of long, hard work. Municipalities with multiple population centers usually face challenges when it comes to migration, but it has been a strength for us. One of my main priorities is to make sure that the different parts of the municipality do not get separated from each other. I want to keep Laukaa together, says Mayor Jaakko Kiiskilä.

Laukaa invests heavily in the empowerment of its residents. Population centers and villages also have a lot of active operators. When the school network had to be renovated, a wide range of different stakeholder groups and local residents were consulted before making the decision. Thanks to the involvement of the residents, the final decision could be made with good reason.

– We want to reach the average Laukaa residents to make sure that the decision-making serves as
many of us as possible. I live in Laukaa myself, too. I feel that I can serve the residents the best if I
am one of them.

Laukaa was one of the owners of the now-defunct Jyväskylä Regional Development Company
Jykes Ltd. In addition to Jykes, Laukaa has always had a development company of its own that builds cooperation between the municipality and the business community. It provides assistance to companies when they need to find suitable plots and premises, launch projects that support the business life and apply for funding, among other things.

– A development company can be more agile than its parent organization. Companies find the help quickly, and they do not have to wait for decisions from the council in simple matters, for example.

Instead of empty phrases, we prefer concrete action. We help the companies in Laukaa in both small and big issues, says Kiiskilä, who is also a member of the development company's Board of Directors.

Operational models are continuously being developed in Laukaa. Kiiskilä praises Laukaa's innovative staff for the fact that many of the development ideas and the desire to implement them come from the staff.

In addition to local SMEs, many international companies have also made Laukaa their home. Companies such as Dinex Ecocat, a Danish-based catalyst manufacturer, and Millog, a member of the Patria Group, which handles the maintenance of spare parts of the ground and naval forces' equipment, have set up their operations in Laukaa. In addition to them, the nearly 100-year- old Vihtavuori ammunition factory is now part of the Nordic Nammo Group. In the service sector, Laukaa became home to Lidl's second distribution center in Finland.

The business-friendliness of Laukaa is one of the reasons why so many companies have chosen it as
their home.

– Laukaa is located in the center of Central Finland. Logistically, Laukaa is the perfect place for a company operating in Central Finland. Jyväskylä, the airport and the major highways are all close by.

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