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The story of Kirjakaari originally started from the desire to spread knowledge about Finland, Finns and the Finnish culture to every corner of the globe. Kirjakaari started as a book publishing company more than ten years ago. Recently, the company has experienced very strong growth, and it will focus its operations more and more on corporate stories in the future. Kirjakaari's range of services has expanded from the publishing and printing services that its partners are already familiar with to include many forms of business and marketing communications.

Kirjakaari has believed in the power of storytelling for years, and it is now making the stories come to life under the brand new communications agency, Brandia. Brandia, established in the autumn of 2017, focuses on collecting unique corporate stories to support marketing and communications by exploring and interpreting the history of its client companies. Brandia collects the past of its customers in the form of a story, so that the companies can focus on the future. It is Kirjakaari's and Brandia's goal to be the leading partner in corporate communications and the most credible storyteller in Finland.

After Kirjakaari started collecting the stories, it has experienced a strong period of growth, and that is why the company has set its objectives high. As part of the growth and development strategy, the founder of the company, Kimmo Koistinen, handed over the duties of Managing Director to Johanna Holkko at the beginning of June 2017. In addition to increasing the number of staff, turnover and amount of orders, the company is also continuously looking for new publishing channels for storytelling and ways to communicate about the history of the companies. The purpose is not to find a competitor for the ever-popular, traditional book, but rather allow stories to be distributed to an even wider audience through as many channels as possible.​​​​​

In its customer work, Kirjakaari is well-known for its personal service and tailor-made products. This is best seen in the design meetings, where a group of Kirjakaari professionals discuss potential new and creative approaches to make the organization's stories come to life together with the customer. This is why Kirjakaari's location in the center of Finland, in Jyväskylä, is ideal for a company that travels back and forth around the country. It is easy to move from Central Finland to both the Helsinki capital region as well as to Northern Finland, and international logistics is not a challenge. Kirjakaari has recently expanded its operations, and the company now has staff working also in Tampere and Kuopio in addition to Jyväskylä. However, the head office is and will remain in Jyväskylä.

Due to its ever-expanding product range, Kirjakaari is no longer a traditional publisher of books, but an ambassador of a new kind of narrative communication. Although various print products will naturally be a central part of the company's business also in the future, Kirjakaari is boldly breaking the limits of its own operations every day. The company looks boldly and openly to the future, which means that there are always new paths to success to be found. When it comes to the possibilities of storytelling, the only limit is the imagination.

Kirjakaari's biggest achievements of 2017 have been the Region of Growth jubilee book, produced in cooperation with the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce, and the 100 Years of Success jubilee book, made as part of the Finnish Government's Finland 100 program. The books on Finnish success stories predict a rich future also for Kirjakaari and Brandia.

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