Mouth-watering delicacies for people with a sweet tooth

Even people with the most insatiable sweet tooth cannot help but smiling at the candy aisle when they see a bar of chocolate or bag of licorice made by Panda. The easy-going confectionery company's products have offered delicious solutions to satisfy the sweet tooth for decades.

Panda's candies have been manufactured in Vaajakoski since 1920. The production was first started by the Central Finnish Cooperative Society (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta, SOK) at a berry processing facility, and the new factory was completed in 1929. Later in the 1920s, sweets and marmalade were joined by chocolate and licorice.

After the war years, chocolate and other luxury items were freed from regulation, and candy gradually became a part of people's everyday lives. Today, Panda still responds to the consumers' demands with new taste experiences on both the Finnish and the foreign market. The export trade to the United States, which started in the early 1960s, has later expanded to the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe, among other places. Panda's products are now sold in more than 25 countries.

Everyone is sure to find something to suit their tastes from Panda's range of products. Chocolate bars come with different fillings or without one, and Finland's most popular assortment of chocolates, the Juhlapöydän konvehteja box, is also made by Panda. Chocolate also played a key role in the creation of the Panda brand: the panda bear portrayed in the Panda Pop chocolate bar's wrapper, created by Panda's graphic designer in 1952, would eventually become the face for the whole company.

High-quality licorice has its own dedicated customer base. The soft Panda licorice has been so popular since 1927 that the company is now the market leader in licorice products in Finland. The Pepe brand of licorice and various filled licorice blends have become real hits.

Even though the Panda factory has always kept its Central Finnish roots in mind, it has been owned by the Norwegian Orkla Asa Group since 2005. Orkla's latest investment in the confectionery factory will further strengthen Panda's competitiveness by the Christmas season of 2018.

As Finland's second largest candy manufacturer, Panda holds on to its position as a pamperer of candy lovers with its innovative and original candies, and many people visit Panda's factory shop in Vaajakoski just to get their hands on these delicacies.

Oy Panda Ab
+358 (0)20 791 8600
Established: 1920
Field: Confectionery industry
“Innovative and original delicacies for people with a sweet tooth”