Paytrail makes sure that online payment is always a positive experience

During its first years, Paytrail, which operates in the field of online payments, at least doubled its turnover annually. The success of the rapidly growing company starts from paying attention to the well- being of the staff and helping colleagues. The customers are also treated in a similar manner.

At the start of the 21st century, handling online transactions was complicated in Finland, because online stores had to arrange the connections separately with seven banks. In 2007, Lennu Keinänen came up with the idea that things could be done better. Paytrail's founder wanted to gather all payment methods under one service, so that the merchant could focus on what is most important: on selling.

At first, Paytrail had to persuade the reluctant banks and other online payment providers to join the new operating model. Today, the pioneer of online payment serves more than 10,000 online stores and services in more than 10 countries. The State Treasury also has faith in Paytrail and chose the company as the provider of online payment services for the public administration.

Keinänen says that the staff's commitment is really good.

– We call our work community the pink family, and it describes our activities well: we always put our own people first, and we are very understanding and humane.

Communality, openness and expertise are the cornerstones of Paytrail. The best expertise in the field resides within the company's walls, and all the help you might possibly need in online payments can be found within the network. The rapid change in the structures of online payments creates challenges, but Paytrail welcomes them with open arms.

– The bigger challenges we have faced, the better our cooperation has been. The challenges have given us a boost to really take off, says Marketing Director Suvi Tikkanen.

Monetary transactions have traditionally been managed in a cool, bureaucratic way, and Paytrail has seen this both as a challenge and an opportunity: humanity is a part of the company's all operations. Paytrail also wants to inspire and motivate others, especially in Central Finland.

– It all comes down to having a good team. We cannot take the pink family away from here to somewhere
else, says Keinänen.

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“For Paytrail, the desire to help customers is everything”