Skilled professionals in camping equipment

Finn-Savotta, which specializes in demanding hiking conditions, is a family company from
Karstula, known primarily for its traditional external frame backpacks. The company's expertise is reflected in its special load-bearing equipment and shelters, which are extremely durable because of the technical sewing, carrying ergonomics, aluminum expertise and material and structural knowledge.

The third-generation family business has its roots in a company called Pylkönmäen Nahkatyö. The Halme couple established the company in 1955 when they started making leather mittens. The company moved to Karstula in the 1960s, and the production of gloves soon gave way to the manufacturing of backpacks and other load-bearing equipment. The company grew and became internationalized in the 1970s, and it was named Finn-Savotta for the foreign market. Today, the company also has its own subsidiary company in Estonia.

– Because we are specialized in hiking and professional equipment, we can still continue our operations in Central Finland because of the skilled workforce. Karstula is a strong part of our company's history and story, stresses Elmo Valkeinen, Finn Savotta's Managing Director. Finn-Savotta's products are the result of active product development. The product selection includes various backpacks and tents, for example. Finn-Savotta's best-selling product is the Jääkäri backpack.

– The domestic content of the Jääkäri backpack, as well as many of our other products, is more than 50%, and that is why they have been awarded the Key Flag symbol by the Association for Finnish work. The products are manufactured in cooperation between our different factories, says Valkeinen.

The Finnish Defense Forces have worked together with Finn-Savotta since the 1960s, making them the company's most long-standing partner, and they have designed items such as combat belts and tents together. Cooperation with the Finnish Red Cross began in the 1970s, and Finn-Savotta has delivered housing and hospital tents, in particular, to crisis areas around the world ever since.

The responsible company stays true to its own style, looks boldly to the future and wants to expand its export market. High-quality products are at the core of Finn-Savotta's business: when the quality is top- class, you can really be proud of the Finnish expertise both at home and abroad.

Finn-Savotta Oy
+358 14 417 1400
Established: 1955
Field: Camping and recreational supplies
“Professionals in durable camping supplies”