Smart investments are the key to a spa hotel's success

In 1974, a pool and sports dome was built on the shore of Lake Peurunkajärvi, where an old
children's home used to stand. The past of Peurunka, which was built by war veterans, has been eventful, but the spa hotel has undergone its biggest changes in the 21st century. 35 million euros have been invested in Peurunka after 2006, and the spa hotel has grown into a vibrant tourist center.

Peurunka's range of services has expanded over the years, forming a real network of tourism
companies in the region.

– The Peurunka of today is extremely diverse. We now have a completely renovated spa, an apartment hotel, meeting rooms and the Peurunka Arena, where big conferences, concerts and corporate and trade events can be organized, says Service Manager Ella Salmela.

The iconic dome has made way for the new spa, but Europe's first flowing water pool still runs inside the spa. Peurunka also has the highest water slide in the Nordic countries.

The spa hotel's turnover is generated evenly by rehabilitation, tourism and various events. 2017 was a record-high year. The occupancy rate of the hotel is 75%, and there are about 140,000 overnight stays per year.

– Our strategy has been clear since 2007, and we are not going to stop here. We are now building a unique unit for demanding rehabilitation needs together with Uudet Tuulet Kuntoutus Oy, for example, and we are also looking for more and more international customers.

The Central Finnish spirit is very much visible in Peurunka. The services are purchased close by, and local handicrafts are sold in Peurunka's shops. The big leader business radiates well-being and prosperity all around, and people often talk about the Peurunka tourism area.

– We are part of a group of big Central Finnish companies that outlines what will happen to the tourism in Central Finland in the future, Salmela says.

To honor Finland's 100 th anniversary, the quote by Urho Kekkonen, “All reasons not to exercise are excuses,” has been brought back from inside the dome near the entrance to the spa.

– Peurunka still sticks to its original mission – to promote health and well-being.

Spa Hotel Peurunka
+350 20 751 601
Established: 1974
Field: Tourism, restaurant, rehabilitation and wellness services
“A dynamic tourism center for both families and corporate customers alike”