The bioheat of the future is generated from waste

Bio boilers are manufactured in the city of Saarijärvi. They are used to heat homes and produce process heat in Finland as well as elsewhere in Europe. Ariterm, which is especially focused on exports, is the market leader in its field in the Nordic countries and in England. Recycled wood is currently a particularly strong area of growth, and the company has developed unique technology for its combustion.

Pellet or clean wood are the traditional fuels used in bio boilers. The material, which has been crushed to the size of a few centimeters, is fed to the burner in a continuous stream, and the heat generated by the combustion process is led to the boiler water and the heat grid.

Starting from 2018, Ariterm's new technology will also enable using recycled wood that meets the criteria laid down in the Waste Incineration Directive. Clean combustion and the elimination of inorganic materials from the process are essential for the technology of a boiler designed for burning recyclable waste.

– Recycled materials often include different metals, for example, that are challenging to process. The controlled processing of these materials in the combustion process is our strength, says Ariterm's Managing Director Petteri Korpioja.

Ariterm invests heavily in product development, and some of the latest innovations include systems that allow different types of renewable energy sources to be used according to their availability, for example.

– Pellets can be used, for example, to replace oil completely, with the technology enabling rapid power control. In these cases, no oil is needed to generate power spikes, reducing costs and emissions.

​​​​​​​The roots of the company, founded in 1974, are deeply embedded in Central Finland. Thanks to the professional staff and central location, more and more operations are concentrated in Saarijärvi – despite the crisis in the Finnish bioenergy sector.

The domestic trade has faltered because of the Russia sanctions, the agricultural crisis and the decrease in energy prices, and the demand for small pellet devices, which previously generated a lot of revenue, has fallen to almost zero in ten years. In recent years, Ariterm has focused particularly on district heating networks and the international market, which has kept the company warm even in times of uncertainty.

​​​​​​​– The need for heat never goes away. Even though the market situation is still challenging, the worst is now over and we can expect our revenue to grow again.

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