Understanding the needs of the customer as an asset

Komas Oy, founded in 2002, increased its turnover 20-fold and its staff 12-fold during its first six years. The company, which has received recognition from the Regional Organization of Enterprises in Central Finland, has its roots in the defense equipment industry, and the company's history dates back to 1925, from Valmet and Patria to the Jyväskylä Rifle Factory. Komas was quick to grow both in Finland and abroad, and the company returned to Jyväskylä in 2013 and has now established a strong regional presence in Central Finland, Ostrobothnia and Sastamala.

Komas Oy is a system supplier for the engineering industry, providing solutions for machining,
plate cutting, hydraulics and forging products to a large, international customer base. Komas's core
competency is the contract manufacturing of demanding components.

Komas’s customers include companies in the energy, defense, agriculture, machinery, mining and marine
industries, which have strict precision requirements. There is certainly a lot of unique expertise in Central
Finland, especially in the defense equipment sector, and Komas has a long history of cooperation with the
Finnish Defense Forces. Expertise and know-how play a particularly important role in the company’s
success, and they are constantly being developed.

The field is fragmented, and there are numerous small operators, both domestic and international. Komas
is one of the biggest actors in its field, and its strengths include security of supply, high quality and
macroeconomic competitiveness. Flexibility and reacting swiftly to the customer's needs are evident in the company’s actions. Komas is constantly developing its operations together with its customers.

Although Komas serves mostly Finnish companies, many of its products are exported abroad through its
customers. There are several engineering companies in Central Finland that are strong customers for the
company, and they play an important role in Komas' history and future. Komas has a strong, Central Finnish identity, and the company praises Central Finlands good infrastructure, the closeness of companies and agile operations. Komas has excellent growth potential, and the company is constantly looking for new professionals to hire.

Komas Oy
+358 10 328 6500
Established: 2002, Komas in its current form established in 2013
Field: Metal industry
”Komas is agile to respond to the challenging quality and implementation requirements of the engineering