Valio Oy's dairy in Jyväskylä

The decline in the consumption of milk has been a growing trend as new eating habits revolutionize the food market. Despite this, Valio Oy's dairy in the city of Jyväskylä has more than doubled its production in the 21st century. The dairy has a long history in Jyväskylä, and this small processor of dairy products has grown into a pioneer in the field of special milks, and the dairy exports its products to all over Finland and some of the Nordic countries.

Valio Oy's Jyväskylä dairy started its operations in downtown Jyväskylä, in the Sokos Alexandra quarter, in 1941. The development of the dairy, which is now located in Seppälänkangas, was a major target for investment in the early 21st century: the production equipment was renewed, the inventory collection system automated, and a new production process for special milks was built.

Valio's dairy in Jyväskylä is now home to unique special technology and related expertise, which are needed when manufacturing products such as Kiehu, a milk drink that can be boiled without burning, PROfeel, which contains added whey protein, and milk drinks containing coffee or cocoa.

Approximately 170 million liters of raw milk are transported through the gates of the Seppälänkangas facility. The milk travels from more than 300 dairy farms in Central Finland to consumers' refrigerators through the hands of about 300 dairy employees. The dairy also indirectly employs about 200 drivers and uses water and energy from Central Finland for processing the milk

The central location of Valio's Jyväskylä dairy, its high-quality raw milk and committed staff are the most important factors in its continuing success. The earnings from the dairy are used to build prosperity in Central Finland, because the producers own Valio through different cooperatives.

Valio's Jväskylä dairy has experienced its biggest growth thanks to lactose-free milk drink, which is one of Valio's innovations. New products are constantly being developed and tested in cooperation with the research and development unit in Helsinki. Valio's Jyväskylä dairy has a clear vision to be number one in the manufacturing of new products that provide added value to consumers now and in the future.

Valio Oy's Jyväskylä dairy
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Established: 1941
Field: Dairy

“A pioneer in special milks”