Veteran of the concrete industry knows its operating environment

Betset is one of the few companies in Finland that are able to maintain continuous growth. The company, which started out from the yard of a farmhouse, is now one of Finland's largest family businesses in the concrete sector, and the company is looking to increase its turnover of 84 million euros also in the coming years.

Betset was founded in Kyyjärvi in 1950 by farmer Toivo Löytönen. In the beginning, the company made well rings and roofing tiles in the farmhouse's yard, and the production of concrete elements started in 1978, thanks to the rise of agricultural construction. Since then, the operations have been complemented by 6 new factories established around Finland.
Concrete construction experienced a decrease in value due to poorly built neighborhoods made of concrete elements in the 1960s and 1970s, but the current technology is completely different from that.

– The lifespan of a stone house is about 100 years, and it is ecologically comparable to the building of a wooden house, Hannu Löytönen, Industrial Counsellor and Chairman of Betset's Board, points out.

At present, Betset is involved especially in large projects, and the company is kept busy by hospital projects in Central Finland and Tampere and business and commercial construction in the Helsinki capital region, for example.

​​​​​​​A skillful and energetic staff has always been the company's greatest asset. Third-generation entrepreneur and Managing Director Mika Löytönen remembers how in the 1980s the workmen used to have lunch at his grandmother's house, receiving instructions from her for the rest of the day's work.

– Some of our employees are already the fourth generation working for Betset. We are proud of the fact that people enjoy working with us. This is a part of the corporate culture that we want to hold on to, says Hannu Löytönen.

Inspiring leadership and managerial work have been essential for the company's growth. Internal processes and operating models have also been developed extensively, and Betset has always been agile and adaptable without excessive hierarchy. The company has also been a pioneer when it comes to digitalization.

– Betset has always had the desire to grow. Corporate acquisitions have contributed to the growth excellently, and investments have played an important role in the factory network. Our goal is to grow approximately 5% every year, says Mika Löytönen.

Betset corporation
+358 40 343 4300
Established: 1950
Field: Manufacture of concrete elements

“Professional in the concrete industry and manufacturer of high-quality concrete elements for more than 65 years”