BioBooster's Hackathons are open!

BioBooster organizes different hackathons, where solutions are sought for clients. Valio invites you to ideate ways to tackle the seasonal variation in milk production. At the HolmenHackathon, you have the opportunity to develop solutions on how to transform wood ash from waste to wonder. Moelven Wood is looking for a new packaging solution in MoelvenHackathon in Sweden. Read more!

BioBoosters' first Hackathons are launched soon!

It is exciting times for the BioBoosters team! Plans and concepts are coming alive as we are taking on the practical organization work for the first BioBoosters Hackathons in Finland, Sweden, and Latvia. Organizers - Jamk University of Applied Sciences (FI), Paper Province (SWE), BioFuelRegion (SWE) and Vidzeme Planning Region (LV) - are in the hot seat, however the whole network is strongly involved in the communication campaigns and active scouting for solution providers and mentors. Our aim is to attract high level of international participation and offer a meeting place that can initiate interregional co-operation on the basis of business-driven RDI needs.

ValioHackathon call is open!

Valio invites You to ideate ways to tackle the seasonal variation in milk production. The ValioHackathon innovation competition is looking for concrete and effective ways to balance seasonality. These solutions need to be attractive on farm level. We welcome as participants startups, SMEs, research groups, student groups, input and equipment suppliers, consulting organizations, companies offering data analytics solutions, agricultural economists and dairy farmers.

Join us to solve the challenge and develop new methods and solutions in co-operation with Valio’s experts and representatives of cooperatives! Send in your application by 22/10/2023:

From Ash to Assets - Join the Webinar to discover the value of wood ash

Have you ever wondered about the untapped potential hidden in everyday by-products? At Holmen, one of the biggest sawmill producers in Sweden, we're diving deep into one specific query: How can we transform wood ash - a by-product from our biofuel boilers created during the the heating and drying process of wood - from waste to wonder? We invite you to become part of this unique opportunity to tackle our challenge. Together with Holmen’s experts and the companies in our BioBoosters network, you will have the opportunity to develop innovative methods and solutions.

Hear more in the HolmenHackathon webinar:

Help bioboost Moelven with a new packaging solution!

How can packaging used to protect and store interior panels in wood be made more environmentally friendly than the ones made of fossil-based plastic used today? Moelven Wood is looking for the solution in MoelvenHackathon in Sweden. Maybe you have the answer?
Join to the launch webinar at September 25, 13.00-14.30 pm (CEST):