Business opportunities for Finnish companies

Business Finland has compiled business opportunities for Finnish companies. There are needs for sustainable packaging solutions in France, Finnish forest technologies in East African, hydrogen in Thailand and various sustainable solutions & technologies for pulp & paper company in Korea.

Consumer awareness and law changes drives the market for sustainable packaging solutions in France

France has established an ambitious roadmap, notably through the AGEC "anti-waste for a circular economy" law, to progressively ban single-use plastics by 2040 and to promote the development of reusable, recyclable and recycled packaging.


Fast growing East African forestry markets opens opportunity for Finnish forest technologies

Eastern Africa benefits from high economic growth which also drives the demand for timber - both imported and domestic. To increase the local supply a lot of new plantations have been started which create an upcoming market for forest technologies.


Corporations in Thailand are interested in hydrogen

Thailand is planning to make a giant leap towards Green energy. The Thai conglomerates are leading the way by proactively adjusting their business process to comply with the upcoming regulations.


Korea's leading pulp & paper company is looking for various sustainable solutions & technologies from Finland


  1. Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) surface modification technologies to improve the strength of CNF/polymer composites
  2. Cellulose nanofiber (CNF) drying and redispersion technologies
  3. Manufacturing technologies for high-tension biocomposite materials
  4. Lignin modification and application technologies
  5. Technologies for manufacturing water-soluble high barrier coating chemicals without mixing Wax
  6. Nonfluorine resistant oil for pulp mold (for food containers)
  7. Household goods (or composite materials) using pulp, an eco-friendly material



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