El Salvador: a business destination with economic and industrial growth and tourism

El Salvador is a small nation located in Central America, with a population of approximately 6.5 million people. In recent years security, economic growth, tourism and development have improved, driven by a diverse range of industries that contribute to the country’s economy and dynamic business environment.

What are the advantages of making businesses in El Salvador?

Among El Salvador’s advantages are its strategic geographical location, the added value of having the Dollar as legal tender as well as Bitcoin, monetary stability, a stable climate for business, legal certainty for investment operations, good digital and physical connectivity, efficient public infrastructure, and tourism is considered as a priority.

El Salvador offers several opportunities for businesses, particularly in the manufacturing, agribusiness, and services sectors. The country’s strategic location close to key markets in the Americas and well-developed infrastructure make it an ideal hub for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region. Additionally, the country has a young and skilled workforce, where IT skills are being promoted and English proficiency has improved significantly. El Salvador also has the lowest inflation rates in Latin America and doing business is facilitated by the possibility to use the US dollar and bitcoin as legal tenders.

Also, the Country has renewed its business climate to allowing foreign companies to establish, operate and grow quickly. Now, businessmen can access excellent opportunities and a diverse supply of exportable goods of high quality that are produced by highly trained workers.

El Salvador, therefore, seeks to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth through the building of resilient infrastructure; promotion of tourism and innovation; reduction of inequalities; creation of productive employment, sustainable cities, and communities; while, at the same time, protecting its environment and natural resources.

Investments in strategic infrastructure, promotion of economic activity, improvement of public management and the facilitation of foreign trade, have resulted in the development of an attractive economic climate. The security situation in El Salvador has also improved in recent years, thanks to a comprehensive security plan that resluted in a significant reduction in crime rates.

The current Ambassador of El Salvador in Sweden, concurrent for the Nordic and Baltic countries is Patricia Godínez. If your business is interested in expanding to El Salvador, the Embassy of El Salvador is happy to help.

Patricia Godinez, Ambassador of El Salvador in Sweden and concurrent for the Nordic and Baltic countries
Address: Herserudsvägen 5A
181 50 Lidingo
email: patricia.godinez@rree.gob.sv

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