Kansainvälisiä bisneskontakteja

Tähän juttuun on koottu kauppakamareiden kautta liikekumppanuuksia hakevien yritysten tietoja.

#BusinessAgainstCovid19 - protection equipment

More than 60 Lithuanian manufacturers have proven their flexibility, ability to adapt
quickly to the situation and started to produce personal protection equipment needed to
combat the consequences of COVID-19. You can find them all in one catalogue
prepared and constantly updated by a team of Enterprise Lithuania experts! Here you will
find companies that can supply reusable and disposable face masks, face shields,
disinfectant, coveralls, shoe covers and other equipment.
Browse the catalogue here: https://bit.ly/359hH7k

Audrius Masiulionis
Commercial Attaché
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania
Pohjoisranta 4 A15, 00170 Helsinki, Finland
Mobile +358 40 168 0500

Latvialainen yritys tarjoaa hakkuupalveluita

The company is engaged in the provision of logging services:
1. preparation of timber with a harvester;
2. delivery of timber by two forwarders;
3. as well as we buy wood chip raw materials by the road.
We have been operating in Latvia for more than five years. We cooperate with the largest Latvian logging companies and wood chip processors.
Interested in job opportunities in Finland with their own equipment, to provide logging services to a company that needs it.
Contact information:
company manager - Mārtiņš Dinsbergs, tel. +371 202 166 89;
company clerk - Madara Muceniece, tel. +371 264 792 49;
E-mail - kurzemes_mk@inbox.lv

Finnpartnershipin huhtikuun vinkkilista

Listalta löytyy yhdeksän uutta yritystä sisältäen mm. suomalaisista vesialan teknologioista kiinnostuneen ruandalaisfirman sekä ecuadorilaisen banaaniviejän, joka etsii pakkausteknologioiden parissa toimivia suomalaisyrityksiä. Kiinnostuneet tahot voivat olla suoraan yhteydessä Finnpartnershipiin ja Juho Korkiakoskeen (juho.korkiakoski@finnpartnership.fi) lisätietoja ja yhdistämistä varten.

Finnpartnership tarjoaa suomalaisyrityksille kehitysmaiden markkinoihin liittyviä ilmaisia neuvontapalveluja sekä taloudellista tukea hankkeen suunnittelu- ja kehitysvaiheisiin sekä koulutukseen. Matchmaking-palvelun ja suomalaisyrityksille kautta kanavoimme uusia kumppaninhakuja kehitysmaista Suomeen. Tavoitteemme on kasvattaa kehittyvistä markkinoista kiinnostuneiden suomalaisten yritysten joukkoa sekä edistää PK-sektorin kansainvälistymistä ja kasvua.

Katso vinkkilista

Poland's COVID-19 needs and offers

The coronavirus outbreak is an unprecedented challenge for global health-care systems. One of its most painful aspects is the shortage of medical and protective equipment necessary to deal with the pandemic. We could try to minimize the scale of this problem by boosting cooperation between providers and customers of medical supplies and personal protection equipment.

The Government of the Republic of Poland has launched two initiatives to share information regarding our needs and offers and therefore enabling foreign companies to contact Polish purchasers and manufacturers faster.

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland created a web portal presenting products and solutions offered by entrepreneurs and researchers which can help better respond to the coronavirus crisis and its impact. The portal can be found at: https://www.gov.pl/web/diplomacy/anti-covid-offer-by-polish-business

2. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland is administering a similar web portal at https://platformazakupowa.pl/pn/mz/proceedings to publish its purchase orders.

I would like to encourage you to use the portals and to disseminate information about them among your colleagues responsible for procurement, as well as cooperating companies from the medical sector.

Apart from the initiatives, please be informed that Poland is also interested in establishing contact with providers of:
1. PPE
- Medical masks EN14683
- Headgear EN 166 PL
- Googles EN 166
- Latex gloves
- Nitrile gloves
- Category III bioprotection suit type 4,5,6
- Reusable bioprotection suit PL type 4
- Shoe covers type 4
2. Decontamination equipment for disinfection of space and vehicles
3. Polypropylene nonwovens
- type PP Spunbond 0.175m 15 g/m2 ±1,5 g or 20 g/m2 ±2.0 g
- type PP Meltblown 0.175m 25 g/m2 ±2,5 g

Finnish companies are invited to send details of their offer using attached “quostes.xlsx” file to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Helsinki. With any additional questions, please contact me directly.

With best regards,


Jan Kacper Markiewicz
Second Secretary
Political and Economic Section
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Helsinki
Armas Lindgrenin tie 21, 00570 Helsinki
Phone: +358 (9) 618 28 140, Mob: +358 505 554 251
Fax: +358 (9) 684 74 77

Searching a Dealer in Finland for Russian YUKONA Inflatable Boats

YUKONA Co. I represent the Russian manufacturer of PVC inflatable boats YUKONA. We are currently working on entering the European market. We are looking for dealers in Finland who are interested in developing and expanding their business and promoting the YUKONA brand. You may find our company’s presentation and a welcome letter attached.

Read more:

!yukona presentation april 2020.pdf

!yukona welcome letter april 2020.pdf